S&S UIL teams are heading to state

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SANDLER, TX-- For 20 years in a row, S&S High School has competed in the State UIL Academic Competition, now they're headed back for more.

The school has won 17 times, but that many wins doesn't come without a lot of work.

"One thing that people forget is that football teams, basketball teams, they have a season. It's maybe 3 months and it's over. These kids work from August until the end of May. 8 or 9 months, that is a very long season," said, academic coach, Christopher Smith.

Four students will compete in a written exam asking the students 40 current event questions.

For senior, Cole Miller, it's not just the thrill of competing, being on the current event team has helped him become a better student.

"Once I started doing it, I started to learn how to study in all my classes and it really helped me in every class that I had. It's really just interesting to know about stuff that's going on in the world, I mean the world is a fascinating place."

S&S Theatre team is also heading to the state UIL competition on May 21st. Their One Act play won a top spot in the 2A Regional Tournament. This is only the second time in the past decade for the school to advance in this area of UIL.

"They didn't know if they had it in them make it this far, but they've stepped up and we found the right show for them and they've stepped up and have had a great time," said, theater director, Jon Skupin.

High School Principal, Jay Roberts, said he's not surprised by his students' desire and determination to win.

"These same teams have competed at state before, but it's not something that's publicized, it's not something that there is a cheer leading squad on the sideline promoting. It's just kids working quietly and doing their job and getting our school recognized."

In all, four teams from S&S are headed to the state UIL competition.