Students Working Against Tobacco basketball tournament celebrates milestone

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At SWAT's 6th annual basketball tourney Thursday, they celebrated their own win: coordinator Sally Mitchell said all Carter County schools are now completely tobacco free.

"They finally realized it wasn't about the smoker, it was about the tobacco industry," said Mitchell. "And so now the schools are really enforcing this."

But SWAT said their work's not done yet. Their goal is for all students to be tobacco free, and their tournament guest speaker agrees.

As a former WNBA player, Crystal Robinson hopes that her own experiences with smoking will help students catch the message.

Robinson is also an Oklahoma Sports Hall of Famer and the head women's basketball coach at Murray State College. She wants students to know they don't have to follow the crowd.

"Both my parents drank, both my parents smoke," Robinson said. "I'm here strictly to tell kids that you have a choice."

As high schoolers and middle schoolers take to the court many of these student athletes said they leave smoking on the sidelines to help their game.

"Staying tobacco free helps me stay in shape more, keeps me from coughing and stuff like that," said tournament player C. J. Ramsey.

And for SWAT, that's a slamdunk.

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