Safe-proof your computer before Cyber Monday

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SHERMAN, TX - It's a nerve racking but important reminder this Cyber Monday: when you log on, predators are on the other side of the Internet, waiting for your vulnerable moment.

"You want to look for any security measures that are available, particularly a lock that'll show up in your browser address bar to let you know that it's a secure website," Jerrad Cabbage with Best Buy said.

Cabbage says to look for three things when shopping online -- a padlock in the checkout page browser, an "s" at the end of http and a security verified logo.

"Basically, if you're checking out and it's starting to ask you for a lot more information than should be standard for a regular purchase, such as social security numbers and things like that, you want to avoid that," Cabbage said.

Cabbage says an online retailer should only ask your name, address, credit card information and phone number.

He also suggests changing your browser preferences for enhanced security. Block cookies from third parties and advertisers and deny the web access to your location.

Mashable also gives some Cyber Monday tips: update your antivirus software, web browser and passwords.

Don't click unknown links, use a secure Wifi connection, save all of your receipts and use a credit card instead of a debit card, which has a direct link to your bank account.

Cabbage suggests buying online, but picking your items up in the store.

"You get the product that you actually ordered instead of getting scammed and end up getting something you don't expect to have," Cabbage said.

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