Salt water disposal well could come to Marshall County

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MARSHALL COUNTY, OK - Cecil Roper lives in Lebanon and pumps his water from the ground. That's one reason he joined the fight against the proposed salt water disposal well that could come to Marshall County.

"If I have somebody else come in locally and contaminate it then I'll have to buy water," said Roper.

Bosque disposal system's proposed well would be located on a 10 acre tract of land on Highway 99C north of Lebanon, where they would drill it up to 22,000 feet deep.

It could take in 50,000 barrels of saltwater a day at up to 11,000 pounds of pressure.

Court documents said 357 trucks would be required to take all that water to the well. But Bosque said in those documents that would only happen for up to 6 months until a pipeline could be built.

Representative Tommy Hardin said this could be dangerous to drivers on 99C.

"So you're going to have trucks backed up on a two lane highway on a curve," said Hardin. "I saw a lot of potential there for it being unsafe. "

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has held two hearings about these concerns. The company testified at one hearing that the well design should protect groundwater, but Roper doesn't want to risk it.

"We were very concerned and we don't want our water well to be contaminated, nor our local community with the lakes and streams and rivers," said Roper.

Documetns from the hearings state that the judge recommended that the Commission give the okay. Another hearing is set for August 30th.

We were unable to Reach Bosque Disposal Systems for comment.