Sarah Swaim's family calls guilty verdict and sentence 'justice'

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Gregory Shane Bailey was convicted of murdering his 22-year-old girlfriend, and mother of his children, Friday. It concludes a trial that brought out heinous details of what prosecutors say was an abusive relationship that led to a brutal and savage murder.

Allison Harris was there as the victim's family got what they say is justice.

Life in prison: the maximum sentence for the man Sarah Swaim's family says sucked the spirit out of her.

Hugs and tears of joy as Swaim's family left the courtroom for the last time.

"He deserves it, he does. And like the day I knew she was missing, I said, 'What did he do with her?' I knew he did something," Swaim's cousin Mary Mahoney said.

Until the end, now convicted killer Gregory Shane Bailey maintained his innocence, but he did change his account of what happened, from saying she went missing, to finding her lifeless body in the bedroom of their Sherman home. Then, with their 2-year-old daughter in tow, he wrapped Swaim's body in trash bags and carpet, and dumped her in a brush pile in Denison.

Bailey cried on the stand, saying, "I loved Sarah and I feel so terrible for taking her out there like that, but I did not kill her."

"Very emotional. It's been a very long week. Found out a lot of information that we hadn't known over the last seven or eight months. Just now that it's over, I'm rejoiced. These are tears of joy. Real tears of joy," cousin Sunday Medlin said.

In closing arguments, the prosecution discussed exactly what they say happened in the home on that night, saying, "Domestic violence is a dirty little secret that happens behind closed doors...Sarah Swaim died an ugly death and was treated like trash."

Mahoney says she reached out to Swaim about the abuse.

"Like I seen her and asked her where she got her bruises from and she said she told me that she got drunk and fell down. You can't help somebody, because I've been in an abusive relationship, and you can't help somebody that doesn't want help," Mahoney said.

"I truly hope that he gets everything that he's dished out throughout these relationships while he's in prison, by people that are bigger and badder and more of a man than he is," relative Chad Warner said.

A custody trial is set for Monday to decide who gets custody of Swaim and Bailey's two kids.

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