Scary study: Trick-or-Treaters eat 4% of all candy produced in the U.S. annually in one night!

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GRAYSON CO, TX-A consumer market group said the amount of candy consumed this Halloween is downright frightening! According to the NPD Group, kids and grown-ups are expected to eat 4% of all the candy produced in the U.S. each year in just one night.

Little monsters, superheroes and princesses head out to gather up their favorite treats.

"Tootsie Rolls," said Devin.

"KitKats," said Melissa

"Milky Way," said Riley.

While trick-or-treaters enjoy the sugar rush, market research company, NPD group, found that kids and adults consume 4% of the 9 tons of candy produced in the U.S. every year on Halloween night alone. Which is scary for parents like Jan Higgs and Lindsay Bateman.

"That's a lot of candy," said Higgs.

"It makes them pretty hyper," said Bateman.

Dietitian, Tori Park, said she's not surprised about the finding.

"I believe it, I mean it's the day we believe we can gorge. You're probably gonna have a sugar high and you're probably gonna get a headache if you're not used to eating that much sugar, which most of us are not used to eating all that sugar," she said.

According to the American Heart Association, we're only supposed to eat up to 9 teaspoons of sugar a day, but since I'm eating this pack of skittles, well, that's not gonna happen. A pack of skittles has 11 teaspoons of sugar.

The study also shows that adults prefer chocolate, while kids prefer hard and chewy candies. Which dentist Dr. Stephen McAnaney said is a nightmare for your teeth.

"That gets caught around the base of the teeth and in between the teeth and it dissolves over the period of hours. So in that period of time, the sugar is what the bacteria in your mouth that cause cavities like to eat," he said.

Both McAnaney and Park said it's okay to enjoy your Halloween loot, but do it in moderation.

"Just don't go crazy with the candy. Be smart about it and accept that you can have another piece tomorrow and split it up for a couple of days," said Park.

And make sure to clean up afterwards.

"Rinse your mouth out and brush your teeth right afterwards, that's okay," said McAnaney.

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