Sculptor wins best in show at Red River Art Show

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ARDMORE, OK - "It's kind of symmetrical, but after I made it it needed a little more character so I came back and cut the cracks in it and called it 'Nothing's Perfect,'" said artist Jimmie Dodson Jr.

He's talking about his piece of art that won the Best in Show at the Red River Art show, an event put on by the Good Shepherd Community Clinic to raise needed money.

"That covers everything from electricity for the clinic to supplies and equipment," said Tteresa Myers, development coordinator at Good Shepherd Community Clinic.

He never expected the judges to call his name.

"They had an awards ceremony and, yeah, I was surprised, but certainly honored that they picked my piece," said Dodson.

'Nothing's Perfect' is a welded metal wall sculpture representative of his other work, like his permanent piece in the Goddard Center's sculpture garden.

Dodson's work is known all over Ardmore, from the Goddard Center to the Convention Center.

There he has 5 pieces hanging on the walls. He's lived off his metal creations for ten years, a style inspired by his childhood.

"I was a poor boy, I had to make art out of whatever I could find on the farm and it just kind of works, and I stuck with it," Dodson said.

And it's paid off: Dodson took home a trophy and $1,200, but money isn't the reason he creates.

"I just enjoy it, it's my passion," Dodson said. "It's a great lifestyle."

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