Security company to help Grayson Co. increase safety at county buildings

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TEXAS -- Grayson County Judge Drue Bynum began today's Commissioner's Court with a dark, but realistic, message.

"I was quite shocked at what I heard," Bynum said.

After he looked into threats against county officials, Bynum says he realized there's more evil in our community than many people know.

With one of those threats in hand, District Attorney Joe Brown and Sheriff Keith Gary asked the judge and commissioners to fund increased security at county buildings.

"Successful assassinations only embolden those kinds of people," Brown said.

Brown says their office receives threats regularly, but one from 2009 stands out in its similarity to a Kaufman County threat, prior to the killings.

"We have the same kind of criminal defendants that they do in Kaufman County. We have the same kind of gang problems," Brown said.

Commissioners agreed to ask Pinkerton, a well-known security company, to survey county buildings and offer recommendations on how to make the facilities safer.

The justice center has security at its front entrance, but not anywhere else in the building.

A company affiliated with Pinkerton currently guards the front doors of the justice center, but the courthouse's four entrances go un-monitored.

"These are serious people that we're dealing with, so we want to try to tighten up as much as we possibly can," Gary said.

Brown says years ago, these kinds of precautions may have seemed excessive, but not now.

"Law enforcement has changed with these killings and we are not going to be dealing with criminals the same way," Brown said.

"We want to make this a safe environment to work in and that's something we're really going to have to spend some time on," Gary said.

Commissioners hope to use the Pinkerton recommendations to enhance security as soon as possible.

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