Security system scam in Gunter has town on alert

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GUNTER, TX -- Gunter Police are receiving multiple calls about a potential security system scam.

Gunter Police say several residents are receiving phone calls from individuals claiming to be Gunter Police, asking if the home has a security system installed.

Police believe they could be tracking this information in an effort to stage a future break-in.

Residents from Maples Ranch and The Woods of Preston sub-divisions have received the most calls.

If you get a call, police say do not provide any information.

"Verify their identity, ask for the officer's name, their badge number, who their supervisor is, to make sure they are in fact a Gunter Police Officer. If they're still unsure, hang up the phone and call the Gunter Police Department," says Gunter Police Chief, Bryce Kennedy.

Kennedy adds that Gunter Police do not call to ask homeowners if they have security systems installed.

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