Semi-truck nearly crashes into Durant restaurant

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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- The Durant McDonald's was packed this morning and it's parking lot became a resting place for a semi-truck that hurled itself off the highway.

"It struck a vehicle up on the off-ramp and it traveled approximately a thousand feet before coming to rest," Lt. Chris Marcy with Durant Police Department said.

A Red River Ford car salesman had the perfect vantage point and saw it all happen around 9:45.

"Is this really happening right now? I honestly didn't know what to think. I just got this really sad, depressed feeling, you know. Because there was nothing you could really do to stop it," eyewitness Tyler Balentine said.

Traveling southbound on 75 when the truck ran off the highway, it hit a car, scraped the signal light at the Main Street intersection and slammed into a pole.

Police say the driver might have been unconscious.

"Possibly could be some health issues that could be involved or he just fell asleep at the wheel," Marcy said.

"Thought it was going to go right into the playground at McDonald's. I was just thinking, 'Oh man, there are probably kids playing around in there,' something like that," Balentine said.

Fortunately, the truck came to a rest just a few feet shy of the playarea. The only person injured was the driver.

"When I heard that there wasn't anybody dead or anything, it was just a big sigh of relief," Balentine said.

The driver was taken to Medical Center of Southeastern Oklahoma. His status is unknown.

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