Okla. Sen. Jim Inhofe visits Antlers

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ANTLERS, OK - Residents of Antlers, Oklahoma got a chance to meet with their senator Wednesday, when Sen. James Inhofe stopped by the Wildlife Heritage Center.

The meeting was a change of pace for locals like Madge Gentry, who showed up to hear Inhofe's speech.

"We never expect them to, but it's nice when somebody comes to see us," she said.

Inhofe spoke to the crowd about his disagreements with President Barack Obama, specifically citing spending, defense, over-regulation, and what he calls "Obama's war on fossil fuels."

He said he travels to Oklahoma as much as possible to meet with his constituents.

"The biggest problem I see in Washington are people who are members of congress, who stay in Washington on the weekends and they either live next door to a lobbyist, or a member or a staffer," he said. "There aren't any normal people in Washington."

Inhofe answered questions from the crowd and took the opportunity to tout his highway bill - which was recently passed by both chambers of congress. The measure allows states more flexibility when it comes to spending federal dollars to repair aging roadways.

Gentry said it's an issue she's happy to see addressed.

"Infrasturcutre of our whole nation - that is one of my pet peeves, is to fix those highways and bridges all over the United States," she said.

Shaun Long, president of the Chamber of Commerce, says Inhofe's visit is a big deal for Antlers.

"It shows that we're trying to grow here, and of course we're just a wonderful little town," he said. "We're a great tourist destination."

Inhofe proudly acknowledged his status as one of the most controversial politicians in Washington. But he also acknowledged his pride in his home state.

"This to me is enjoyable, because that's what this state is about," he said. "And when you can be in a two day period all the way from Guymon Oklahoma to Antlers then you're covering a lot of territory. And the thing that is in common is great Oklahoma people, and they don't have any of those in Washington."

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