Senator Tom Coburn holds Town Hall meeting in Ada

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ADA, OK - U.S. Senator Tom Coburn stopped by East Central University Monday morning for a town hall meeting to speak with dozens of Ada residents.

"We heard all sorts of questions and comments, and a diversity of opinions, '' said Senator Coburn.

Coburn hit on everything from the national debt, to healthcare and education. He also tried to clear up any confusion on the issues.

"There is a lot of misconceptions about a lot of bills and a lot of things people read on the internet and see on TV," said Jim Hamby, CEO of Vision Bank in Ada. "He dealt with every question in an honest and truthful manner."

Ada was the first stop on Senator Coburn's town hall trip across Oklahoma and he said he was happy with the turnout.

"We hadn't been in Ada in a while," said Senator Coburn. "The University was nice enough to host us here and we got some young people involved, which is one of the things that really need to happen in our country in terms of seeing what the real problems are and what the real issues are."

Dean Stephens, a rancher, said the meeting was very effective, and Coburn addressed all topics to his best ability.

"I think he means what he says, and I don't think there is anything phony about him," said Stephens.

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