Shakespeare comes to Sherman and brings out hundreds

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SHERMAN, TX -- Nearly 300 people packed their picnic baskets, pulled out their lawn chairs and headed to Pecan Grove Park for the first annual production of Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream, Saturday night.

The performance was put on by Downtown Sherman Preservation and Revitalization.

"We believe a downtown is the heart of a city and we believe a downtown belongs to us all and so we are happy to do something for the community, to bring a cultural event," said Karen Tooley, Executive Director of Downtown Sherman Preservation and Revitalization.

The free event has gotten two thumbs up.

Amy Shojai says hundreds of people even came to see the show Friday, despite the rain.

"The audience got every single joke, they were with us from the very beginning and since we are outside in the open air, it's a very romantic kind of venue," said performer, Shojai.

The event coordinators are hopeful that next year they can put on the show yet again and still, free of charge.

"It's exciting to talk to people and see how many people in Sherman are interested in Shakespeare," said Tooley.

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