Shelter changes rules for cold weather

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ARDMORE, OK - As temperatures drop and the wind chill picks up people without a place to stay need to come in out of the cold. At least, that's why Michael Monroe decided to stay at the Salvation Army.

"And the fact that I have nowhere else to go," said Monroe.

People like Monroe are why the Salvation Army changes some rules for cold nights like this. Usually when people come to the shelter they can stay seven nights. After that the Army tries to get them back on their feet, but not during these temperatures.

"During freeze nights none of that counts," said Edith White women's lodge manager. "It doesn't count against, they can stay and we've had so many of them lately."

The Salvation Army is expecting 20 extra people to come in on top of the 21 men and 12 women they can usually house.

Efforts to accommodate extra people are rolling right along with volunteers stacking up cots and setting up extra beds.

All in the name of helping those with nowhere to go.

"I would hate to have to see somebody that something tragic has happened to them because they couldn't get into a place that was warm," said White.

And Monroe said the kindness of the Salvation Army is not only life saving but heart warming.

"I don't have any family, I don't have any friends or anything," he said. "This was my last hope."