Special Olympics program starts up in Sherman

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SHERMAN, TX- A Sherman mother has started up a Special Olympics program for local adults with disabilities, it's called the Sherman Shooting Stars of Texas.

Katie Gresham has been actively involved in the Special Olympics for more than 30 years and she said it was upsetting when she found out Sherman doesn't have a league of its own. That's why she, with the help of another parent, started the Sherman Shooting Stars hoping to give area adults with special needs a place to play.

Sean Kelly practiced his tennis skills at Fairview Park Friday afternoon. He just got back from taking part in the Special Olympics Summer games and medalled twice in tennis.

"I felt good to get them. I'm so proud," he said.

His mother, Beatrice, said they live in Sherman but they've driven to Denison the past 30 years so Sean could take part in the Special Olympics.

"There has been nothing for them in Sherman to do and for them to go join a regular bowling league is impossible, or for them to do regular tennis is impossible," she said.

Gresham said after graduating from high school, those with special needs struggle to socialize and find a place to fit in. That's why she, along with Kelly, started the Sherman Shooting Stars, a Special Olympics league for area adults with special needs.

Gresham said the program will include sports like tennis, bowling, track and field and gymnastics. But she said it will teach athletes more than sports.

"Special Olympics is very important because not only does it train them for the sports but it also trains them how to have friendships, how to communicate with each other," she said.

And Sean said friendships are the best part.

"Made new friends, be proud of myself when I go out too," he said.

Kelly said taking part in the Special Olympics changed her son's life.

"If they want their children to succeed in life, this is the place to help them succeed to their highest potential," she said.

If you'd like to join the Sherman Shooting Stars of Texas Special Olympics team as an athlete, sponsor or volunteer, sign ups will be August 10th at Fairview Park 6-8 p.m.

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