Sherman ISD Board rejects abstinence-only sex ed program

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SHERMAN, TX - Sherman ISD Board members tackled the controversial issue of sex education Monday night.

"Unfortunately in Texas, we are one of the three top states in the U.S. with a very high teenage pregnancy rate," said Sherman ISD Board member Kate Whitfield.

The district previously used the Pregnancy Care Center's program, which is no longer being offered.

In May, the School Health Advisory Council (SHAC) recommended an abstinence-only program for Piner Middle School, called "Saying Yes! to saying No," authored by Christy Baca.

In a unanimous vote, the board rejected the program, after multiple members raised concerns about teaching strictly abstinence.

"As important as teaching abstinence is, the program was incomplete. If they're going to get human sexuality, they need to get contraception and disease prevention with condoms as well.

Some residents we spoke to are for an abstinence-only program.

"It's going to show the kids that they should be abstinent, even though some might not choose to do that, they're going to be shown that's the way you should do it," said Kaylee Glatt.

While others, say it's not enough.

"I definitely think that they should teach safe sex. Because it's going to happen. You can't prevent it," said Josh Jones, who tells News 12 he became a father at 16.

"It was rough, you know, being in school, raising a kid, full time job. It's not easy. I mean it takes away your childhood," he said.

Now, for the District, it's back to the drawing board.

"What we'll be doing is going back to the SHAC committee, and they will start reviewing additional programs and bring back another recommendation," said Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum Dr. Tyson Bennett.

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