Sherman ISD free sports camps double in size

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Basketballs hit the floor of the Sherman High School gym today for Sherman ISD's sports camp.

"You know, as much as you can get your hands on the future of your program, you want to," Coach Greg Nix said.

But there's more to this camp than defensive drills and ball-handling: many of these 3rd through 9th graders have financial struggles at home and the only way they can attend this camp is because it's free.

"Last year they told me they had maybe 40 to 50 at the boys camp, today we're at 104 and tomorrow we could have more," Nix said.

In all, the eight sports camps have more than doubled in size since last summer, from 110 participants to 240.

Coaches like Greg Nix say they keep the campers busy.

"We try to keep them active, you know, if they're going to be here two and a half hours, we try to fill it up as much as we can, not just a lot of stationary. We want them moving," Nix said.

A federal grant allows Sherman ISD to offer these camps free of charge, providing transportation, a nutritional lunch, and a full schedule.

"I think it's important just like school itself it provides structure for young kids," Camp Director Don Purdy said.

Coach Beth Tallant even adds lessons into her instruction -- she speaks to her campers about achieving success in life.

"You know that success is not necessarily being the most famous or most athletic but just giving your best, your personal best," Tallant said.

"I hope they have a sense of accomplishment and you know, you pick up some discipline along the way as well," Nix said.

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