Sherman ISD ranked first compared to other state school districts

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SHERMAN, TX -- When it comes to education, Sherman ISD ranks at the top in Texas, according to a new state report.

A new school year is just around the corner for students at Sherman ISD, where administrators say a recent report card that ranks them among the best in the area - and the state.

"We looked at other districts that were like Sherman ISD in terms of number of economic disadvantaged students, the enrollment that we have, how much funding we receive and when we do that, there's about 18 other school districts across the state that compare very well to us," Assistant Superintendent, Dr. Tyson Bennett, said.

Bennett says Sherman ISD finished first on the 2014 state accountability report, ahead of districts including Denison and Paris.

He says the district ranks number one in areas like student achievement and post-secondary readiness, which he accredits to all faculty and staff in the entire district.

"The performance of the high school is a culmination of the preparation that students receive all the way from Pre-K all the way to high school," Bennett said. "So we all share in the success of all students, especially here at the high school and so we're really pleased to see that."

Bennett says that hard work has paid off - literally. Sherman High's Class of 2014 was awarded over four million dollars in scholarships, setting the bar high for this year's seniors like Emma Boswell, who says she's already thinking ahead.

"I do think I'll be ready for college next year when I leave," said Boswell. "Taking harder classes and actually preparing yourself, I mean you have to work for it too since teachers can only do so much, but I think I've prepared myself enough."

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