Sherman ISD will not impose school uniforms

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- After nearly a year of research and deliberations, Sherman ISD school board members decided to not impose standardized dress for students.

A member of the district's dress code committee presented their findings.

The pros presented include that uniforms level the socioeconomic playing field, ease the decision of what to wear and can improve academic performance and attendance.

The cons are that the current dress code is working, uniforms can be costly and they're mostly in a private school atmosphere.

"Forty three percent of the people surveyed were for it and 41 percent were against it so it was really close to 50/50. Since only 50 percent of our community and staff supported this, it wasn't necessarily something we wanted to go after," SISD dress code committee member Charles Nash said.

Parents we spoke to at the meeting were relieved that they won't be dressing their kids in uniforms.

"I was very concerned about the financial implications for so many families in Sherman," parent Tiffany Fisher said.

"I think that we should have a dress code and the current dress code should be enforced. A big breath of relief when they announced that it was voted down," parent Heather Reyna said.

April Patterson with Sherman ISD reminded us that the school board can revisit standardized dress or uniforms at any time.

For now, the school board has made it's decision against standardized dress for students.

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