Sherman Police arrest man for exposure

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Sherman Police arrested a man for disorderly conduct: exposure Wednesday.

Sgt. D.M. Hampton said police pulled over Ernest Williams for not using a turning signal.

But they suspected he was in possession of drugs, and decided to search Williams after a narcotics dog alert.

Hampton said Williams got frustrated when officers asked him to take off his shoes, and began throwing off all his clothes in anger.

He said Williams exposed his genitalia to officers and a nearby resident.

"It's very unusual that someone would take it to this point. Just on the asking of removing the shoes and then to completely disrobe, it wasn't anything the officer asked him to do," Hampton said. "I think he was just upset at the circumstances that were going on, and I think his anger cost him a trip to jail."

Officers did not find narcotics. Williams was booked with a misdemeanor.

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