Sherman adding 33 stop signs to an area of town

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Sherman residents will soon be tapping their brakes more often in some areas of town. Sherman city council approved adding dozens of street signs to a busy part of Sherman.

"It's 33 stop signs. We're also adding three school zone signs and eight speed limit signs," City Engineer Clay Barnett said.

Barnett says after a citizen complained about a lack of stop signs in a certain area, the city looked into it.

"They had concerns about the traffic in the area over by the high school. We went over and did an assessment and found that we could clarify the traffic by just adding some stop signs," Barnett said.

The signs would go up in the area south of the railroad tracks, east of Grand, north of Lamar and west of Sherman High School.

Right now, there are less than six stop signs in that area.

Ernie Waldrun has lived in that part of Sherman for years.

A few years ago, some of his family members were T-boned in a bad crash just half a block from his home.

"A teenager from the high school took them out and they were lucky they weren't killed. It totalled the car they were in," Waldrun said.

Waldrun says a stop sign could have been prevented that accident.

He says many high schoolers and school buses speed through the area and he hopes more stop signs will slow them down.

"I've got grandkids, great grandkids; I don't want to see them get hit because somebody's not going the speed limit. They don't have enough time to stop because they're going too fast. I worry about that all the time," Waldrun said.

Barnett says the city reviews changes to street signage on a citizen-concern basis.

"We actually get about one a month that says, 'Hey I've got a concern with traffic in this area.' We go out, we make an assessment and we take action as appropriate," Barnett said.

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