Sherman celebrates phase I completion of Streetscape project

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SHERMAN, TX-After years in the works, phase one of Sherman's Streetscape Project is nearly complete. Thursday, city officials celebrated the success and looked to the future.

Six years and hundreds of thousands of dollars later, Sherman's Streetscape Project is almost done. The community came together to recognize the people who made it all happen with a dedication ceremony.

Dozens of people gathered at the Grayson county courthouse steps Thursday for the dedication of Sherman's Downtown Streetscape Project.

"It's tremendously exciting. It's important for our city and citizens to invest in downtown. It's part of our city, it's the crossroads of business and so much activity."

Mayor Cary Wacker said she's thrilled at the results of phase one of the $600,000 project around the courthouse square with the streets repaved, traffic flow changed and sidewalks widened.

"It's exciting to actually see it finish, this is work that's actually years in the process. We went through months and months of torn up streets and aggravation, but to finally see it culminate into this is just great."

Downtown Sherman Preservation and Revitalization worked with the city on the streetscape project. Its president, David Baca said over the past month, they've planted trees around the square as the finishing touch.

"Downtown is the heart of the city. If you travel around or hear people talk about cities, the first they actually have is their downtown," he said.

Baca said 25 people and businesses donated 30 trees to plant downtown and each recognized with a plaque. John Spears donated two trees.

"Downtown Sherman needed this very badly if we're gonna continue to promote and grow our downtown," he said.

"I think it's very telling that people find that our downtown environment is very important to the culture of this city," said Baca.

Baca said revitalizing downtown is just the beginning for the city.

"What happens in your downtown area will eventually spread throughout the city," he said.

"It's a validation of the strength of our town, the economic vitality of our town, we're very excited to see that this is complete at this point," said Wacker.

Baca said phase two of the streetscape project will start immediately, placing built-in planters with ornamental plants around the courthouse square.

Area businesses also stayed open later to encourage those who attended to stay downtown and shop.