Sherman elementary put on lockdown

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SHERMAN, TX -- A local elementary school was put on lockdown after a neighbor called police saying they heard shots fired.

Rebekkah Sutherland had no idea that Fairview Elementary was locked down when she arrived to pick up her two kids. But when she heard officers had investigated possible shots fired in the area, she was glad the school took such quick action.

"I would rather them be safe and secure in the building than out wandering and I'm just so glad and I feel so blessed that they were inside and safe," said Sutherland.

Police say they got a call of possible gunshots around 2:30, and the school immediately locked down.

"My children's safety is most important things to me. It is vital that all of them are safe at all times," said Sutherland.

Sutherland says Sherman ISD did the right thing. School officials say no one was allowed in or out of the school as police investigated.

"2:30 its getting pretty close to school being let out and some of those kids may actually get out earlier than 3 o'clock depending on the circumstances. Its just to keep everybody in the area to make sure the area's safe," said Sergeant D.M. Hampton, Sherman Police Department.

Investigators say they did not find any evidence of shots actually being fired, but it could have been firecrackers or a car backfiring

No one was hurt, and parents were allowed to pick up their children after the lockdown was lifted.

School will be held tomorrow, and Sutherland says, she's not worried.

"It's better to be safe than sorry," said Sutherland.

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