Sherman family loses home to fire

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SHERMAN, TX -- A family of six barely escaped their burning home Friday afternoon.

The family did not want to speak on camera, they were very distraught.

Sherman firefighters say the family came running out of the home off E. Cherry Street as flames came shooting out of the roof.

The fire started around 2:45 Friday afternoon, and had spread to two other bedrooms and into the attic by the time they arrived.

Crews were able to get it under control in about 30 minutes there was heavy damage from fire and smoke.

Firefighters were also battling heat exhaustion as well as the flames.

"No injuries right now. We've got firemen that are really hot, and we're trying to cool them off so we're bringing in some more companies to go do some overhaul. But right now we're just trying to cool people off and take care of our firefighters," said Battalion Chief, Donnie Glenn.

The Sherman Fire Department says the fire was accidental, bedding caught fire from a lighter.

The red cross is helping the family.

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