Sherman gas station robbed at gunpoint

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SHERMAN, TX -- Police are searching for a man they say robbed a Sherman gas station at gunpoint.

The Valero clerk doesn't want to be identified so we'll call him "Paul," says at around 1 Thursday afternoon, he came out from the back of the store on 1417 to greet a customer. Instead, he found himself staring down the barrel of a gun.

"The first thing he said was right when I saw it and at the same time he said 'I need all the money right now.' and I just looked at the gun and saw it was loaded so I went along with everything he said," said Paul.

"Paul" says as soon as the robber ran out of the store he called 911 and pressed the silent alarm, telling police a man just took off with the $1,200 in the cash register.

Sergeant D.M. Hampton says it took just moments for police to get to the scene.

"Once they got there, obviously the guy was gone. They were able to look at the video and it was a guy who attempted to conceal his identity," said Hampton.

Paul says he could only tell see that the man was white, with dark hair and dark eyes. He was more worried about the gun.

"Cause it was loaded and everything. I wasn't really going to mess around with it," said Paul.

He says he's just glad he made it out alive, and hopes the public can help find the robber.

"It's not about the money. We just need to get people like that off the streets so innocent people won't get hurt," said Paul.

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