UPDATE: Sherman home destroyed in fire

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SHERMAN, TX - A fire at a Sherman house Thursday morning has forced four MHMR residents from their home.

When a neighbor saw the home off West Park Avenue was fully engulfed, she went running into the burning house to try to save anyone who might have been inside.

"The end over here was on fire when he and I went through the door and we were in the house is when all the flames came on top of us in the house," said neighbor, Jennifer Smith.

Jennifer Smith says when she smelled something burning Thursday morning -- she thought it was her grandmother cooking in the kitchen. Until she saw a fire across the street.

"When she opened the door all this black smoke came in. So I just ran out the door. You couldn't really see anything other than the smoke and the flames so we had no idea if there were people there, we had no idea. So we went in," said Smith.

Sherman Fire Chief, Jeff Jones, says the home was privately owned, but state funded through MHMR.

Smith and another neighbor went in to the burning home to rescue anyone who may be inside.

"We knew if there was someone in there it was not going to be good. You know we just kind of have to look out for them," said Smith.

Fortunately, no one was inside the home when the fire broke out. Chief Jones says the fire started in the garage, and the home is a total loss. But, he reminds people to be careful in attempting a rescue.

"It's hard to tell somebody no don't go help your neighbor, but sometimes that first breath of very high temperature and a lot of smoke, they become the victim," said Jones.

Smith says she lives in a close knit neighborhood and that if anyone had seen flames, they would have gone in to try and help.

"I wish we could have helped them save some stuff. It just burned to the ground. That's really sad," said Jones.