Sherman intersection draws thousands of birds

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SHERMAN, TX -- If you've been to Shafer Crossing in Sherman at the corner of Highways 75 and 82, you've probably noticed what seems like thousands of birds gathered on the power lines.

It's hard not to notice the birds when you get out of you car at Shafer Crossing in Sherman.

The sound is so overwhelming, it was too loud for us to carry on a conversation with Sherman resident, Scott Cox.

"It's pretty annoying," Cox said.

Ornithologist, Dr. Wayne Meyer, says there are thousands of these Grackles here in town.

He says they gather in larger groups and rest high up on the power lines during the winter.

"It'll look for a bird that looks like it ate a lot yesterday, and follow it cause chances are that bird knows where there is some food," Meyer said. "So it's a way of keeping warm, its a way of keeping away from the predators, and its a way of getting information for where there's food."

Meyer says the grackles spread out during the day looking for food, but they gather just before sunset to stay warm at night.

And while they may be annoying, Meyer says they aren't causing any kind of hazard or health concern.

Logan Rigdon, works in the area, and says he goes to great lengths to avoid the noisy and messy creatures.

"I gotta be careful where I park because if I park in the front the birds are gonna poop all over my car so it gets kind of annoying sometimes," Rigdon said.

Rigdon says employees and customers have voiced their concerns about the large number of birds, but Meyer says they shouldn't have to worry about them too much longer.

"As the weather warms up they don't need to huddle together as much they tend to spread out more," Meyer said. "With Great Tail Grackles, they will spread out into the countryside until it starts getting dry and then they'll come back."

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