Sherman man survives Mississippi plane crash

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STONE COUNTY, MS -- A Sherman man is out of the hospital Friday after a plane he was in crashed Thursday evening.

For Lacy Hess of Sherman, it was a normal Thursday night until she received an alarming text message.

"We have a problem. I love you. Tell my family," said Hess.

Her boyfriend, Jeff Franklin, a Sherman man, was on a 4-seat Cessna 602 with two other men headed to Florida.

When they began to lose altitude while flying over Mississippi.

"I texted him back, he didn't reply. I called him 4 or 5 times," said Hess.

Their plane hit three trees, a power line, and ended up hitting nose first in a field in Stone County in the town of Wiggin.

Lieutenant Lewis Husband was one of the first on the scene.

"Deputies, fire rescue, county fire, as well as some other first responders," said Husband.

Husband says local residents helped to get the three men out of the plane, while racing against the clock.

"Both wings were leaking fuel. The left wing had a steady stream of fuel leaking out," said Husband.

Franklin's girlfriend says Jeff is an avid pool player. He plays frequently at Luke's in Sherman.

She says the men had taken off from North Texas Regional Airport in Denison, headed to Orlando on his uncle's private plane, to play in a pool tournament.

Miraculously, all three men were taken to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

"I've never seen one with that amount of damage, and the people live to tell about it." said Husband.

"There's no way anyone walks out of that," said Hess.