Henry sworn in as Sherman Police Chief

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SHERMAN, TX-It's a new era for the Sherman Police Department as their new chief was formally sworn-in on Monday's city council meeting.

Newly appointed chief, Otis Henry started out as a reserve officer for Sherman Police in 1983 and was promoted to assistant chief in 2005. Monday, family, friends and fellow officers packed the city council chambers as Chief Henry started his new role.

Monday, a new badge was pinned on Sherman Police Chief, Otis Henry, as he was formally sworn in at the city council meeting. Henry said it's a little overwhelming.

"A lot of stress, a lot of worry. I think about the projects that we have in place, picking up with the projects that Chief Watt started and continuing on with them," he said.

Sherman City Councilors voted unanimously to name Henry as the new chief.

"He's a man of great integrity. He represents well our whole police force, the men and women who serve everyday on our streets protecting our citizens. So we know he's doing a great job," said Mayor Cary Wacker.

Henry, who's been with the police department for almost 30 years, said as chief, he's working on making the department more efficient for officers and staff and to address certain problems citizens face, like theft of property.

"Big issues are always quality of life issues with our citizens and those can vary depending on neighborhoods and where you live. And I want to continue to address these problems quickly and seriously," he said.

Former Police Chief, Tom Watt was also in the audience to witness the event.

"I'm very proud of him, I've trained him as a reserve. We've known each other for many many years, I love him like a brother. I think the city of Sherman's in really good shape," he said.

And Watt has some words of wisdom to pass along.

"Just treat the people right, take care of your business, let the light of day shine on the PD and take care of the bad thing when it happens because it's always gonna happen. It's how the police department responds to that that sets them apart," he said.

"I got big shoes to fill. Tom Watt was a very important person in the city and in the police department and I got a lot to learn. It's gonna be tough rising up to the standard that he set, but I'm gonna try," Henry said.

Henry will now be in charge of about 100 officers and staff. Capt. Ken Francis will remain as assistant chief.

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