Sherman police arrest 2 in string of trailer thefts

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SHERMAN, TX - Sherman Police uncover a string of RV and trailer thefts during a routine traffic stop.

When someone steals a trailer or RV, most often they will sell it or at least move it out of an area where it would be recognized, according to Sherman Police.

But when two sherman men are accused of stealing a thirty five thousand dollar camper, It was parked right in front of a house in the 1200 block of South Walnut street, where they were reportedly living.

"I guess maybe they were trying to hide in plain sight," said Sherman Police Sgt. D.M. Hampton.

Sgt. Hampton tells News 12 an officer stopped 19-year-old Miguel Canas and 25-year-old Darwin Canas for towing a trailer without a license plate on it. It appeared they had stolen the trailer, so they were arrested and booked into the Grayson County Jail.

"It's just a perfect example of traffic stops leading to something major," said Sgt. Hampton.

Police found three other trailers at the residence. One of those was Alan Meek's RV, which was reported stolen from his home in Whitesboro on March 23rd.

Brian Stone sold the trailer to his friend Alan two years ago. Now, it sits back at RV Ma, in need of repair.

"They were definitely living in it and definitely didn't care where they put whatever, so it's kind of a mess," said Stone.

Stone says the roof is ripped, a slider is damaged, and one no longer opens, among other damages. He also says belongings were stolen from inside the camper, including two TVs.

Alan is out of town, but spoke to News 12 over the phone. He says he's glad Sherman Police were able to locate his camper.

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