Sherman police facing officer shortage

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SHERMAN, TX -- Sherman police say they're facing the largest shortage of officers they've had in several years.

According to Lieutenant Bob Fair, they're down 7 officers after some retired and some transferred to other departments.

He says the police department is now recruiting officers to fill those spots, using tv and radio advertisements, such as this recruiting video they're currently filming.

They are also offering higher salaries to more experienced officers.

Fair says the shortage is not affecting patrols or citizen's safety.

Fair said, "You work short in some areas some of the specialty assignments that we would like to provide to the citizens we have to cut back a little bit in order to provide the essential element, which is you know to make sure our citizens are safe."

The police department will hold their civil service entrance exam on April 19th at two locations Sherman High School and at Broken Bow High School in Oklahoma.