Sherman postal workers push through busiest shipping day of the year

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SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Whether it's Christmas cards, presents or letters to Santa, millions of Americans made a trip to the post office today, on their busiest day of the year, to ship their cards and packages.

"So everything will leave three times a day right through this area. Everything we take in the front gets funneled right through here," Sherman Postmaster Jerry Pinto said.

Almost like Santa's helpers...

"This is our busiest time of the year," Pinto said.

Local postal workers are pushing themselves to deliver hundreds of millions of pieces of mail to your loved ones, in time for Christmas.

"It's not like we all get to kick back and enjoy the holidays because we are really trying to get these packages [out]," Pinto said.

And on the postal service's busiest day of the year, as soon as one truckload goes out, another trail of packages trickles in.

"We've got three trucks leaving a day now during the holidays, so we have to get that mail ready for all three trucks, so we're busy," Pinto said.

By the numbers, 658 million pieces of mail went out today across the nation,140 million more than usual.

Here in Sherman, people like Dennis Stengel added to those numbers.

"How long did you wait in line?"

"Phew, I don't know, seemed like hours. I guess thirty minutes," Stengel said.

Today's mail, and priority mail sent by Friday, should arrive in time for Christmas.

But for the last-minute shoppers, they'll guarantee express mail on Christmas Eve.

"Make sure whatever you ship, you package it real well. Use a sturdy box. Make sure you clearly put the address, including an apartment number if it's an apartment. And the zip code. And your return address," Pinto said.

FedEx has also been busy -- they boasted their busiest day on record just last week with 19 million packages.

UPS is the largest package delivery company -- they estimate their busiest delivery day to be Thursday, so if you're expecting a package from UPS, you might check the mail then.

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