Sherman residents spend Thanksgiving day camped out for deals

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The Stringer family showed up to the Best Buy in Sherman Wednesday night at 6, and spent the night in a tent. They're third in line.

"We're waiting on the 40 inch Toshiba TV," said Moranda Stringer.

The TV is going for $179, almost a $200 discount.

Stringer said last year she and her family showed up Thursday, and were 21 in line. They were too far back to get what they wanted. This year, they ate Thanksgiving dinner on Wednesday, so they could spend Thanksgiving day in line.

"We actually have leftovers, and we brought them with us so we could eat them," she said.

Her sister, Amber Stringer, said it was a laid back day.

"It's actually really relaxing, because you're not like 'oh my shows are on, or oh who's gonna text me.' It's kinda calm," she said.

Moranda said there isn't much to do camping in an empty parking lot.

"Mainly sleeping, playing football...mainly sleeping," she said.

She said she's really not a camper, and not used to sleeping in a tent.

"I was up at 3 [and said] 'everybody wake up, let's do something. I don't want to sleep,'" she said.

But while some people waited around for Black Friday deals, others wanted to get the shopping done early.

And Sherman residents found one of the only stores open on Thursday morning, Old Navy.

Ashton Brogdon said she had plans to visit both of her families Thursday evening. But she used the morning for shopping.

"Starting the Black Friday a day early," she said. "And always gotta hit that up before the crowd, I guess."

But she still included family, bringing her brother along to shop.

And for the Stringer Family, their Thanksgiving day camping was still a family event.

Amber Stringer said it was a little crowded in the tent Wednesday night.

"Considering me and my sister slept, like so close, you could feel her breath on you, yeah, that's pretty good quality sister time I guess," she said.

Best Buy - like most stores - opens at midnight. The line's expected to keep growing as the evening goes on.

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