Sherman teen recovering at home after Friday night stabbing

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SHERMAN, TX -- Friday night was a blur for Alexis.

"Just blood and a lot of yelling," she said.

The bandage covers the stab wound - doctors say the knife went into the bone.

"I was walking home from school and my ex attacked me," Alexis said.

Sherman Police say the attack happened in a field near Epstein street.

Officers say Michael Woolsey, 20, jumped out of the woods and stabbed the 16-year-old and her 19-year-old friend - who she calls Cruz.

Rebecca Tallon, Alexis' Mom said Cruz jumped on Woolsey, letting Alexis escape.

"If he wasn't there to pull that guy off of my daughter, she would have died," he said.

Tallon said Cruz took a knife wound to the head defending Alexis.

"And she was more worried about Cruz than she was herself," she said.

Tallon said Cruz is still recovering in the hospital.

Alexis is thankful he was there to protect her. She said she's still in shock.

"[Woolsey] surprised me. Because I never actually thought he'd do something," she said.

Alexis said she broke up with Woolsey two years ago. But recently he started texting her.

"I told him we're never getting back together. And he started freaking out," she said.

Tallon said it's always been a safe area. She speculates Woolsey was waiting for Alexis.

"We thought this kid was out of her life. It wasn't until we got to the hospital that we found out he had been texting her. And she had been telling him to leave her alone."

Alexis says she wants to put the issue behind her. But until the dust settles, she describes the feeling as "irritating."

"Having to sit still and wait for things to happen."

Police say they arrested Woolsey for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He remains in the Grayson County jail on a $60,000 bond.