Sherman working to grow new business in downtown

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SHERMAN, TX - The city of Sherman could soon have a new attraction to its downtown scene.

One local man is hoping to revitalize and add to downtown with the growth of a new business.

The streets of downtown Sherman are filled with restaurants, shops and a little bit of everything.

But one local man is hoping to make a fresh start in the heart of downtown.

"We are developing a Farmer's Market for downtown Sherman," said Sean Vanderveer, a local property developer.

Vanderveer purchased one of Sherman's historical buildings from the early 1900's that was once home to one of the country's largest hardware retailers.

"We decided to put it into a significantly historical building, which is the Roberts, Sanford and Taylor building. We think with the structure that David Baca Studio has designed will be a viable option and we think it will be a very popular place to go," said Vanderveer.

In order to get the Farmer's Market established, Vanderveer will have to work closely with the city. He is set to go before the Planning and Zoning board next month.

"Downtowns are very unique and are different from new commercial buildings. So, we have to work one-on-one with the building owners to make sure we meet code. But at the same time, we are flexible enough that you can reuse these old buildings," said Carey Wacker, Sherman Mayor.

If all goes according to plan, the Farmers Market could be open in the fall and a design for the 4,000-square-foot Farmers Market has already been established.

"This Farmer's Market will offer local grown, healthy foods. By healthy we mean organic. It will also offer hand-crafted goods such as soaps and other things, maybe breads...artistry type items," said Vanderveer.

Vanderveer said it will take quite a bit of money and some time to establish the market to make sure it last for decades to come.

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