Sherman Airport Advisory Board disbanded

SHERMAN, TEXAS -- Sherman City Council has unanimously voted to disband the Sherman Municipal Airport Advisory Board.

Sherman Mayor Bill Magers says the board has not been functioning for more than a year.

He also says that the council hasn't been following their advice to subsidize fuel prices and use government funds to build hangars.

Magers says this doesn't mean they're closing the airport; only the taxpayers can vote to do that.

Magers says in about three years, voters will have a big decision to make about the airport.

"We can spend $500,000 to a million dollars to maintain the runway and repair it on the hook with federal dollars, or we can pay off the note and go a different route," Magers said.

Magers adds that the Sherman airport is a great asset, but voters will have to decide how they want to spend their tax dollars.

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