Sherman High School's Fine Arts Night

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SHERMAN, TX -- Dozens of people got to see experience fine art first hand in Texoma Tuesday night.

Students in choir, art, band, and theatre all got to show off their talents from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, as part of Sherman High School's 6th annual "Fine Arts Night".

Works of art were also on display in a silent auction, with some of the proceeds going to the "Crisis Center" and "ARF House" animal shelter.

"It brings everybody out. It just shows what Sherman High School students can do, how talented they are," said art teacher Sherry Young.

"It's a chance to just kind of speak your heart through painting, or through singing, or through playing an instrument, you know, it's a chance to escape for a while," said Sherman High student Lauren Fanning.

Organizers say there will be another Fine Arts Night at Neblett Elementary on May 8th.

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