3 arrested in Sherman drug busts

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SHERMAN, TX - The Sherman Police Department made several drug busts over the weekend.

From Thursday to Saturday authorities seized about 20 pounds of marijuana, nearly $5000 in cash, ten grams of cocaine, 90 grams of meth and an assortment of weapons. These were all found in several locations.

Authorities now have three people in custody: 24-year-old Alberto Guerrero, 32-year-old Derrick Nelson and 36–year-old Kenneth House were all booked into the Grayson County Jail. Sgt. Bruce Dawsey of the Sherman Police Department said that the drug war is far from over.

"It's an ongoing battle, as it is across the nation, you know. The drugs are coming from Mexico prevalently...so they are consistent in their battle against it...our narcotics division is very active," he said.

Police said the stolen weapons will be returned to the owners while the other firearms will eventually be destroyed.

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