Sherman paramedics take part in Critical Care program

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SHERMAN, TX-Sherman firefighters got some rather unusual training Wednesday afternoon. It'll help them better treat patients who are in critical condition, before they ever get to a hospital. Victoria Maranan has the story.
But just to let you know, some of the video may be a little graphic.

Wednesday's Critical Care training was hosted by Allegiance Ambulance.

"The education and knowledge they get surpasses the standard paramedic class. As you can see behind me, they're working with live hearts and lungs."

Allegiance's Brandon Jarvis said they are using pigs' hearts and lungs for the training because those parts are anatomically identical to humans. He said , not only does the training familiarize first responders with the organs, but it also shows them the affects of the machines and medications they use to treat patients.

"It shows what the lungs are doing at that time and why you're putting them at a certain level and as far as the lungs go. They're gonna be showing how the hearts are working because a lot of the drugs used are cardiac drugs," he said.

Sherman fire chief Jeff Jones said the critical care program takes paramedics' training to another level.

"EMS has really changed over the last few years and this is just an indication of those demands. So more training provides more better service to our citizens," he said.

He said the training will help responders provide critical care on their way to the hospital.

"In the 60s and 70s it was first aid 'hurry up and get to the hospital.' And now it's more, 'what can we do for em on the field' and continue that care through the ER and to the hospital and that's what it's all about," he said.

Critical care training goes on for three weeks.

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