Sheryl Powers Memorial Dedication

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SHERMAN, TX -- A special dedication was held in Sherman Monday night in honor of a Texoma principal who died last October.

Sheryl Powers was the principle at Neblett Elementary. She died of a pulmonary embolism at her home on October 10th, but a Sherman student and member of the Eagle Scouts has made it his mission to keep her memory alive.

Purple Crepe Myrtles now line the front entrance of Neblett Elementary and a wooden bench overlooks the playground in memory of late principle Sheryl Powers.

"It actually makes me really happy that he did have mom in mind going through this whole process," Sami Powers said.

Powers' daughter Sami joined Jake Decker cutting the ribbon, dedicating the memorial to her mother.

"She was just a beautiful person," Jake Decker said.

As part of his Eagle Scout project Jake Decker chose to create the memorial for the woman who had a huge impact on the lives of everyone she met.

"I went to Dillingham and she was my Vice Principal there. Very Very sweet lady," Decker said.

Deckers mom Tori worked closely with powers and says she is also proud of her son's tribute.

"It means so much because it's at a place that I work for a person that everybody, including myself, just adored and miss and love," Tori Decker said.

Decker says he did not complete the project alone.

"On my work day I had 36 people to come and help do the project and most of them were teachers," Decker said.

It is that strong showing of support that has helped the family get through.

"It was a really tough thing when everything happened, but just everyone with the whole purple, and keep going like all these sayings, it's just really nice to know that I have the entire community backing me up on this," Sami said.

"I think it's just marvelous everything the community has done, the school. You can tell that Sheryl was loved and that means so much to us. So much to Sami," Mike Mathes, Powers' brother-in-law, said.

To show just how much Powers was loved students, teachers, parents and family ended the ceremony with the Hokey Pokey.

"Is the Hokey Pokey what it really is about? That's what she always used to ask "what if the Hokey Pokey is what it's all about", and I think she knows now," Mathes said.

A dedication plaque is also planted outside the school in honor of Powers. It reads "keep going", another one of her favorite sayings.

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