Shigella cases double in Grayson County

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SHERMAN, TX-The number of shigella cases in Grayson county nearly doubled over just the past few days.

Health officials said since Friday, 14 new cases of shigella have been confirmed bringing the total in Grayson county to 33 confirmed cases: 28 have been reported in children and 5 in adults. Amanda Ortez with the Grayson County Health Department said of the 28 kids who got sick, 19 of them attend Sherman schools: 11 cases have been reported in Sory Elementary, 2 at Wakefield, 2 at Fred Douglass, 2 at Dillingham, 1 at Jefferson and 1 in Fairview.

Ortez stressed the importance of washing your hands to avoid getting this highly contagious infection.

"You may not know that you've contracted shigella, anywhere from 1 to 7 days, although it's typical within the first 24 hours of being infected that you're going to start displaying those signs and symptoms so pay attention," she said.

Ortez said they are still investigating where the shigella outbreak started.

If you're experiencing severe vomiting and high fever call your doctor.