Shoppers brave icy conditions to hit sales

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SHERMAN, TX -- Though the roads were scary Wednesday morning, many Sherman drivers braved the conditions to get great deals at the stores.

Stores opened Wednesday with their after Christmas sales.

And where there's sales, there's swarms of shoppers - like the Northington family who drove in from Sadler braving the icy roads.

"It usually takes us 30 minutes just going 78 miles-per-hour," said Strand Northington. "It took us probably about 40 or 50 minutes to get here."

He was finding ways to spend the money he got for Christmas Tuesday.

"I got NBA 2K12 and a couple of other things," he said.

Jennifer Green and her kids traveled from Caddo.They took it slow on the drive in, she said.

"Crazy, coming off the side roads and stuff," Green said. "But the highway, we seen one wreck, but it wasn't too bad. Only the bridges were pretty bad."

Icy roadways aren't the only dangers shoppers faced. Once they arrived at the stores, they had to worry about frozen pavement. We asked shoppers here how they developed their ice legs.

"Keep your feet close together, don't take no big steps, absolutely," Green said.

"Walk fast, don't walk slow," Northington said. "Well if you walk slow, you're causing yourself to let the ice take control of you and cause you to fall."

The stores salted the sidewalks to help melt the ice for shoppers. But shoppers still had to face the parking lot, which resembled an ice rink.

"It's pretty slick, you have to watch out when you get out. I've almost busted a few times," Green said.

The pavement will likely freeze again Wednesday night, causing dangerous conditions again Thursday morning in some areas.

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