Silo Public Schools start campaign for fifth bond proposal

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SILO, OK -- Kim Mauck has a kindergartener at Silo Elementary and two future Silo girls.

"We are very overcrowded right now, and we want to have room to grow as we continue to grow in the future," she said.

That's why she's on the Citizens for Silo's Future committee campaigning for the fifth Silo School Bond.

"This is going to be the last time. We know it can pass this time, as long as we get the message out to the right people," she said.

The first four proposal failed to get a required super majority of 60 percent - falling as little as 30 votes short.

"And a lot of [voters] have some misinformation and some un-thruths about what this bond is about," Mauck said.

This Bond would allow for a new and separate middle school.

Right now seventh through twelfth grades are all together in the same building.

"When my daughter's in seventh grade, I don't want her to be in with the high schoolers. I think that's a little bit too early," Mauck said.

The bond will also include new classrooms for fourth and fifth grade, a new Ag building and a relocation of the bus garage.

The Bond would increase property taxes by 9 percent the first year. It would decrease every year after that.

Committee Coordinator Cody Glenn said they plan spend the month of April raising money for signs, campaign literature and going door to door.

"The door to door, eye to eyeball contact works out the best," he said.

On Friday, school officials kicked off the month-long campaign, registering parents to vote as they showed up to a musical put on by kindergarten and pre-k students.

And on Saturday the committee is kicking off fundraising with a garage sale in Durant.

"I feel really good bringing my daughter here, but I want her to have the best learning environment she can have with plenty of space for all the kids," Mauck said.

Voters go to the polls to vote May 14.

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