Tornado damages mobile home park in Ada

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ADA, OK -- Dustin Ballard was in a mobile home with his girlfriend, Denise Burns, and her family when high winds came through and ripped off the wall and roof of their home.

"All this other stuff and the walls starting caving down," said Ballard. "It fell down on her and I had to pull it up and I was waking her up and pulled her out from underneath it."

Luckily none of the seven people inside were injured.
Emergency Management Director, Chad Letellier, says the National Weather Service confirmed a weak tornado touched down in Ada.

"Tornadoes come in all shapes and sizes," said Letellier. "We can have a real wide tornado with weak winds, and we can have a real narrow path on a tornado with extremely high winds. "There's really no standard but I would consider this a weak tornado event."

Letellier says being prepared during severe weather can mean the difference between life and death.

"Stay aware of what the weather's doing, whether that's through weather radio, the news, the Internet, however that can be. Have a safe place to go when severe weather is imminent," Letellier said.

The mobile home next to Burns' was also hit by the storm but luckily, it's vacant. And just feet away, another family was forced out of their home because of heavy damage to the roof.

The Pontotoc County Red Cross is assisting both families.

"They were so glad that someone told them that the Red Cross was going to put them up in a hotel for three nights while they work on 'what do I do next'," said Red Cross volunteer, Connie Henderson.

Even though the storm destroyed the Burns' mobile home, it hasn't destroyed their hopes. Burns' father, James, says it could have been much worse.

"I believe that everything is gonna be okay, and everything is gonna work out just fine," said Burns. "We already found a new place to live and it?s gonna take us two or three days to get into it."

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