Small businesses learn to "go green" at GCC

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GRAYSON COUNTY, TX - Grayson County College taught small business owners a lesson on "going green" today to save money, while helping the environment.

Several local business owners gathered today at Grayson County College, hoping to learn a little more about "Going Green."

"I think it's important because the economy, just as far as protecting our earth." said small business owner, Cindy Wilson.

"Just see what else I can learn, if somebody is educating on green environment." small business owner, Ricardo Ayala.

Sustainability Counselor, Dana McLaughlin, says with big companies leading the marketplace in the green conversion, smaller businesses need to get on board.

"Green is the way the economy is going, green businesses are driving the economic recovery, we've got huge companies like Walmart and Staples making huge changes within their business to take advantage of the sustainable marketplace." said McLaughlin.

And that's where "Green 101" comes in.
The course teaches small business owners the basics of "going green" and how to make a company and it's products more sustainable.

"Sustainability is really three pronged, it's people, profit and planet because a business that doesn't sustain their bottom line, and doesn't make a profit, can't survive." McLaughlin said.

McLaughlin says they also focus on low cost, to no cost behavioral changes to save money and increase the bottom line while improving the planet.
Cindy Wilson and Ricardo Ayala say they came here today, hoping to do just that.

"Just a better knowledge on how to improve my businesses." Wilson said.

"Well I'd like to see some water savings, and what to do with plastic." said Ayala.

Green 101 was free and open to the public.

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