Soldiers arrive for annual Lake Texoma fishing trip

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POTTSBORO, TX -- More than 60 soldiers arrived at Lake Texoma Friday for the third annual "Operation Welcome Home".

The event honors wounded soldiers from Fort Hood and Fort Sill by offering them a day of fishing, free of cost. The soldiers got their fishing licenses Friday afternoon and Saturday, they'll spend the day on the lake.

Organizer Jerry Dorsey says it's a good way to relax, and a break from their military duties.

"This is an opportunity to thank them for what they did while they were in Afghanistan, and just to see their smiles on their faces. And their appreciation means a lot to not only me, but all the people that's involved in this entire thing," Jerry Dorsey said.

They'll kick off the fishing bright and early Saturday morning at 7:00. There willl also be prizes for whoever catches the biggest fish.

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