Can small businesses compete with big box stores? Some say yes.

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DURANT, OKLAHOMA -- For years, many Oklahoma shoppers have said they might not be getting the best deals on Black Friday and an old state law could be to blame.

Allison Harris looked into the Unfair Sales Act to see its effects.

If you're comparing doorbusters at a Texas Walmart versus an Oklahoma Walmart, because of this law, you will likely get better deals at the Texas location.

But when it comes to an Oklahoma small business compared to a big box store, the small businesses say they may be able to compete without the help from the Act.

Rick Mackey of Mackey Home Center in Durant has owned this store for 40 years.

"A lot of people come in and they act like they're doing us a favor, coming in and buying local. I don't think that should be," Mackey said.

Mackey says many small businesses can compete against big box retailers and the Unfair Sales Act doesn't necessarily help him make the sale.

"I think a person should buy local so they'll get the best benefits and the best service and the best price," Mackey said.

He says his deals are are good, if not better, than chain stores like Lowes.

"We have $200 dollars off on this product that no other national retailers have," Mackey said.

So we put one of his deals to the test.

"A Whirlpool french door, on sale for $1,599," Mackey said.

Mackey's Whirlpool french door goes for a hundred dollars less than the Lowes listing for $1,699.

In fact, Mackey gets deals big box stores can't.

"We have a national rebate from our buying group alone that's not offered to the box stores," Mackey said.

But Mackey still has some small business woes. His biggest challenge...

"Is getting the buying public to give us a chance," Mackey said.

An example of how the Unfair Sales Act could affect Oklahoma shoppers: Sherman's Walmart is advertising an LG bluray player for $38 dollars on Black Friday.

Madill's Walmart is offering the same bluray player for ten dollars more.

But again, on the small business level, some small business owners like Mackey say they can compete with the big guys without help from the Act.

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