Earthquakes, tremors have So. Okla. residents concerned

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LOVE COUNTY, OK - Southern Oklahoma residents are shaken up after an earthquake this morning. Experts say several have happened this weekend and last week around the same location.

"I was more worried about the kids than anything...and it's very scary."

Wendy Gillham says the 3.2 magnitude earthquake Monday morning caused a TV in their house, off of Oswalt Road, to fall just a couple of feet away from where her baby was lying on the ground...

"And then I walked to the window and saw rock in the front yard and that's when I discovered that the chimney had pretty much crumbled."

Gillham's neighbors, whose homes were also damaged, believe the tremors could be related to a new oil well site located off of Oswalt Road...

"I'm convinced that it's the new salt disposal place that they just opened up. It's just too coincidental that everything's happened at the same time that they starting pumping water in the ground," says Lauren Thompson.

But the manager at Love County Disposal LLC, Tom Dunlap, says, as far as he knows, it's not his facility that's causing the quakes.

"I don't know what it is. I want to know too. This facility is subject to the same kind of tremors and problems with it too related to tremors."

Amie Gibson, a Research Scientist at the Oklahoma Geological Survey, says a team will begin research in Southern Oklahoma this week to determine the cause. She says they do see a correlation between this oil well site and the recent earthquakes.

"We are watching it. And what we're trying to do is locate as many as we can and see what kind of science we can put behind it. Because the correlations are definitely there but we don't want to say that's exactly what's causing it but we are definitely looking into it. That's why we're sending more equipment down there."

Gillham says she hopes they can identify what's causing the tremors. In the meantime, she's securing and any belongings that could fall or be a hazard in a quake.

"It's just crazy i never thought we'd be having earthquakes here."

Gibson says if you think you feel an earthquake report it to the Oklahoma Geological Survey at

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