Southern Oklahoma Roadways Considered Treacherous

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ARDMORE, OK -- The Oklahoma Department of Transportation continues to discourage any travel in Southern Oklahoma.

Merry White says, "Lots of people are getting out. I think it's because of the Superbowl, out getting beer, and just getting out and seeing what the snow is doing."

Merry White, who works at an Ardmore gas station, says customers are surprisingly still flocking in, despite the icy roadways that the Oklahoma Highway Patrol are calling "treacherous".

Trooper Northcutt said, "The roadways are horrible. There's a lot of people running off the road. We've worked dozens of crashes. People are just going too fast and they need to slow down and take it easy."

Trooper Rocky Northcutt with Troop F says, they are highly discouraging any travel. But if you must be out on the roadways, he asks you to drive slowly and leave plenty of space between you and other vehicles.

Northcutt said, "If they do have to get out, make sure you got a full tank, got blankets, extra coats, water, and food, because you might get stuck out there for a long time."

Northcutt says with so many collisions on I-35 Sunday, the highway was at a stand still at some points.

"Inclement weather like this, with ice and snow, we're going to be working crashes. Non-stop." said Northcutt.

ODOT says they have been sanding roadways since Saturday night and will continue to work around the clock on roads and highways as needed.

OHP says highways will be just as dangerous tomorrow morning.

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