Special meeting in Ardmore decides ADA residency requirement

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A full commissioners chambers watched this morning as Ardmore's mayor and commissioners made a decision about the Ardmore Development Authority's residency requirements. They voted three to two to uphold the current trust indenture, and that means the three ADA members who live outside the city can no longer be on the board.

"It was very difficult," said Mayor Bob Guerin, who allowed five minutes each for a spokesperson from the city and the ADA to make their cases.

But Guerin said the decision came down to the more than a million sales tax dollars the ADA receives every year.

"I think it was wrong to allow people that live outside the city limits, living in another community, to decide how to spend taxpayers dollars," said Guerin.

ADA Interim President Brian Carter said they made the proposal to change the indenture four or five weeks ago. Today, the ADA is moving forward under the city's decision.

"The rules as they are are the rules as they will be in the future and we're fully prepared to operate under those constraints," said Carter.

And as for the open spots on the ADA board, a commissioners meeting agenda lists an item to approve the city's three appointees. They'll vote on Monday.